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We’re not all historians here, but we’re all interested in food history.

To see what we’re up to, check out our schedule below and some of our previous lectures, and maybe drop by the Los Angeles Central Library for one of our free monthly lectures.

If you decide to join, your dues go to buy historical cookbooks and manuscripts for the Central Library’s collection, one of the most important in the country.


Ricardo Zarate on
“PERU: Five Thousand Years of Fusion”

  • Saturday, December 12th, 2015 at 10:30 AM
  • Los Angeles Public Library, Mark Taper Auditorium
  • Downtown Central Library, 630 W. 5th St.
  • Free and open to the public

Ricardo Zarate

Ricardo Zarate

Peruvian food is a blend of indigenous, European and Asian flavors. Chef Ricardo Zarate walks us through regional and then fusion flavors as he discusses various dishes influenced by other cultures.


Richard Foss
“Imbibing LA: Boozing It Up In The City of Angels”

  • Saturday, December 19th, 2015 at 2:00 PM
  • Pacific Palisades Public Library
  • 861 Alma Real Drive, Pacific Palisades 90272
  • Free and open to the public

From the wine-loving Spaniards who first settled Los Angeles to the cocktail quaffers of the jet age, Los Angeles tastes have shifted when it comes to enjoying alcoholic beverages. The city has been a center of winemaking and brewing, a region where intoxicating potions were celebrated by movie stars and hunted down by prohibitionists, and a place where finely balanced drinks and abysmal concoctions were crafted by bartenders and celebrities.

This talk covers the period from 1778 to 1933 that begins with pious monks and ends with law-dodging partiers who were anything but reverent.


Ani Boyadjian and Stella Mittelbach, “100 Years of California Cooking at the Central Library”

100 Years of California Cooking at the Central LibraryCelebrate the 100th anniversary of the Pan Pacific International Exposition and the 20th anniversary of the Culinary Historians of Southern California. Explore the depths of Central Library’s resources about food and drink and learn how to perform your own culinary history research online.