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Past Events


5/14/2016 Liz Pollock on “Julia Child: A Well-Thumbed Checklist of Books and Ephemera”
4/9/2016 Andy Smith on “Fast Food: A Global Perspective”
3/12/2016 Deborah Prinz “On the Chocolate Trail: Faith Diffused Chocolate Around the World” (VIDEO)
2/13/2016 Albert Sonnenfeld, “Global Warning: Macrowaves on Stormy Restaurant Seas” (VIDEO)
1/9/2016 Charles Perry’s 2016 Lecture “Dried, Frozen and Rotted: Food Preservation in Northern Eurasia” (VIDEO)


12/12/2015 Ricardo Zarate on “PERU: Five Thousand Years of Fusion” (VIDEO)
11/14/2015 Edible Delights in History (VIDEO)
10/10/2015 Piero Selvaggio on “History of L.A. Italian Restaurants” (VIDEO)
19/12/2015 Stella Mittelbach, “100 Years of California Cooking at the Central Library” (VIDEO)
6/13/2015 Richard Foss, “Dining in Outer Space” (VIDEO)
5/9/2015 Andy Smith “A True History of Sugar” (VIDEO)
4/11/2015 Linda Civitello and Nan Kohler, “Main Grains: Local & Heirloom” (VIDEO)
3/14/2015 Anne Willan, “Secrets of the La Varenne Kitchen” (VIDEO)
2/14/2015 Dr. Vivienne Kruger, “Bali: Food of the Gods” (VIDEO)
1/10/2015 Charles Perry’s 2015 Lecture “The Golden Age of L.A. Diet Cranks” (VIDEO)


12/13/2014 Jeffrey Weiss, “Charcutería: The Soul of Spain” (VIDEO)
11/8/2014 Robert Carmack and Morrison Polkinghorne speaking on “Flavors of Burma: Land of a Million Pagodas (VIDEO)”
10/11/2014 Charles Perry on “Liquid Heat: The Evolution, Production,and American Obsession with Hot Sauces (VIDEO)”
9/13/2014 Lesley and David Solmonson on “Sin and the Silver Screen: The Age of the Hollywood Nightclub” (VIDEO)
6/14/2014 Prem Souri Kishore and Farhana Sahibzada, “History of Indian/Pakistani Foods” (VIDEO)
5/10/2014 Rabbi Jeff Marx, “The Whole Schmear: The Creation of Cream Cheese in America” (VIDEO)
4/12/2014 Erica J. Peters, “Culinary Trends in Gold Rush San Francisco…with Molasses on Top” (VIDEO)
3/8/2014 Ernest Miller, “The Rise, Decline and Rise of Food Preservation” (VIDEO)
2/8/2014 Liz Williams and Philip Dobard, “Eating New Orleans: The Crescent City’s Evolving Cuisine” (Unfortunately no video is available for this lecture)
1/11/2014 Charles Perry’s 2014 Lecture “A Feast for the Nose: the Perfumed Banquet in Old Damascus.” (VIDEO)


12/14/2013 Betty Fussell on “Eating America: From Iron Horse to Iron Chef” (VIDEO)
11/09/2013 Rachel Laudan, “What’s Not to Love About Modern Industrially Processed Foods?: An Historical Perspective” (VIDEO)
10/12/2013 Anne Willan and Amy Friedman discuss “Whisking up One Souffle at a Time” (VIDEO)
9/14/2013 Linda Lau Anusasananan speaks on “Soul Food of the Chinese Nomads” (VIDEO)
6/8/2013 William Rubel speaks on “Song of the Wheat: The History of Bread, Grains, and Leavenings from Pre-history to Today” (VIDEO)
5/11/2013 Jon Krampner speaks on “Creamy & Crunchy – An Informal History of Peanut Butter” (VIDEO)
4/13/2103 Kitty Morse speaks on “Memories of the Kasbah!” (VIDEO)
3/10/2013 CHSC Members Only Filipino Market & Dinner
3/9/2013 Barbara Haber speaks on “Cooking in Captivity: How American Civilians Survived WWII in Japanese Prison Camps” (VIDEO)
2/9/2013 Noël Riley Fitch discussing “Journeys with Julia” (VIDEO)
1/12/2013 Charles Perry’s 2013 Lecture – Eating My Way Across Uzbekistan (VIDEO)


12/8/2012 Andy Smith, American Drinking History (VIDEO)
11/10/2012 Laura Shapiro, American Originals: Rethinking the Pillsbury Bake-Off (VIDEO)
10/20/2012 Panel Discussion, The Girls are Baking: Los Angeles’ Classic Desserts (VIDEO)
9/8/2012 Richard Foss, Reflections on Rum, Spirit of the Cane (VIDEO)
6/9/2012 Gustavo Arellano, Taco USA (VIDEO)
5/12/2012 Paula Wolfert speaking on… The Food of Morocco There is no video available of this talk.
4/14/2012 Anne Willan, The Cookbook Family Tree (VIDEO)
3/10/2012 Albert Sonnenfeld, Food Obsessionals – New Orleans and the French Connection (VIDEO)
2/11/2012 Jim Heimann, American Menu Design (VIDEO)
1/14/2012 Charles Perry’s 2012 Lecture – A Thousand and One Fritters (VIDEO)


12/10/2011 Joan Nathan, Food of the Jews of France (VIDEO)
11/12/2011 Kirstin Olsen, Bride-Cake and Apple Tarts: Cakes, Pies, and Other Sweets in the Time of Jane Austen (VIDEO)
10/8/2011 Barbara Ghazarian, Simply Quince: From Breakfast to Dinner for 3,000 Years (VIDEO)
10/2/2011 A Yosemite Dinner (Recipe Brochure) – Annual Members Only Fundraiser
9/10/2011 Charles Perry, Dinner in the Exploding City: Los Angeles Restaurants 1830-1930 (VIDEO)
8/21/2011 Used Cookbook Sale
6/11/2011 David Strauss, Beating the Nazis with Truffles and Tripe: The Early Years of ‘Gourmet: The Magazine of Good Living’ (VIDEO)
5/14/2011 Linda Civitello, Battle Royal: The Baking Powder Wars. (the speaker declined to have her talk videotaped). Due to unforeseen circumstances the previously scheduled talk by Veronica Gelakoska and Chris Nichols: Up and Down the Coast: 100 Years with the Pig ‘N Whistle was postponed at the last minute.
4/9/2011 Jan Longone, The Old Girl Network: Charity Cookbooks and the Empowerment of Women (VIDEO)
3/12/2011 Andy Smith, How Food Won the Civil War and Potato: A Rags to Riches Story (VIDEO)
2/12/2011 Randy Clemens, Sriracha: The Story Behind the Addictively Spicy ‘Rooster Sauce.’ (VIDEO)
1/8/2011 Charles Perry’s 2011 Lecture – Of Beer and Baseball: The Maier Brewing Dynasty (VIDEO)


12/11/2010 Linda Civitello, Bond Appetit: James Bond Foodie (VIDEO)
11/13/2010 Toni Tipton-Martin, The Jemima Code (VIDEO)
10/30/2010 Castles in Spain: The Cuisine (Members Only) (RECIPES)
10/9/2010 Ted Breaux, History of the Green Fairy, Absinthe (VIDEO)
9/11/2010 David Karp, The Search for the Legendary Fragrant Sun Fruit of Shangri-La and Other Tales of Adventures in the World of Citron (the speaker declined to have his talk videotaped)
8/22/2010 Used Cookbook Sale
6/17/2010 Simon Spalding, Ship’s Biscuit and salt Junk at the Pacific Palisades Library
6/14/2010 Gala dinner at the Queen Mary with historian Bruce Vancil and the Steamship Historical Society (Members Only)
6/12/2010 Bruce Vancil, Of Fiddle Rails and Foie Gras: A History of Dining at Sea (VIDEO)
5/8/2010 Anne Willan, Old Recipes in the Kitchen (VIDEO)
4/10/2010 The L.A. Times Food Section Gals(VIDEO)
3/13/2010 Andrew Coe, History of Chinese Food in America (VIDEO)
2/27/2010 A Pre-Carême Feast, Fundraiser hosted by Charles Perry
2/16/2010 Hungarian Easter feast at Duna Csardas Restaurant (Members Only)
2/13/2010 Glenna Dunning, ‘A Tra-ful for a Tri-ful’ – Mr. Clinton’s Cafeteria of the Golden Rule (VIDEO)
1/16/2010 Charles Perry, “When Los Angeles Was America’s Wine Country” CHSC-Sponsored Lecture at Palisades Library
1/9/2010 Charles Perry 2010 lecture – “Eddie Brandstatter, the Party King of the Twenties” (VIDEO)


12/11/2009 Panel Discussion, New American Cookery (VIDEO)
11/14/2009 Eric Boardman, Pop Culture: The History of Carbonated Beverages (VIDEO)
11/10/2009 Members only Dinner at Indo cafe (VIDEO)
11/1/2009 Octoberfest (Members only)
10/10/2009 Andy Smith, Eating History (VIDEO)
9/12/2009 Jonathan Gold, The Rise of Regional Cuisines in the San Gabriel Valley (VIDEO)
8/16/2009 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
7/25/2009  Charles Perry Dinner Party
6/13/2009 Ruth Reedar, 150 Antique Aprons (VIDEO)
5/9/2009 Researching Emma Darwin’s recipes – problems and opportunities Weslie Janeway (VIDEO)
4/28/2009 Greek Easter at Papa Christo’s (Members Only)
4/11/2009 Charles Perry, Piedad Yorba y Sowle and Casa Verdugo Restaurant of Glendale (VIDEO)
3/16/2009 Farmers Kitchen fundraising dinner Members only
3/14/2009 Carol Penn-Romine, An Incomplete History of Irish Food (VIDEO)
2/21/2009 Free hands-on cooking class – Vegetarian culinary treasures of Aghanistan, Members only with Zel and Reuben Allen
2/16/2009 A celebration of the Great American Hamburger at Bob’s Big Boy, Burbank Members only with Andy Smith
2/14/2009 Hamburgers with Andy Smith (VIDEO)
1/10/2009 Charles Perry 2009 Lecture – The Great American Soda Fountain (VIDEO)


12/13/2008 Beans Ken Abala and Steve Sardo
11/23/2008 After program lunch at Cliftons Cafeteria Members only
11/08/2008 From Tourist Traps to High Art: A Hundred Years of Dining in L.A.’s South Bay Cities, Part 2 Richard Foss
10/19/2008 1st Annual Fall Party – California 1903 at Sally MacAller’s Octagonal house, Glendale Members Only
10/11/2008 California 1903 Charles Perry
09/23/2008 Dinner at Du-Par’s at Farmer’s Market Members only
09/13/2008 Let Them Eat Cupcakes: The History of Breakfast in America Linda Civitello
08/17/2008 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
06/14/2008 The Mother of All Food Fairs: Slow Food’s Salone del Gusto Dr. Allana Elovson
05/10/2008 From Tourist Traps to High Art: A Hundred Years of Dining in L.A.’s South Bay Cities, Part 1 Richard Foss
04/12/2008 Dining and the Spice Trade in the Classical Greek and Byzantine World Harry Turtledove
03/08/2008 Bread, the Staff of Life: from England’s torture chambers to the tables of the French elite, European bread culture, recipes, techniques and tastes 1500 to 1800 William Rubel
02/18/2008 The Robin Hood Pub, Burbank Members only dinner with Marc Meltonville and his family
02/17/2008 Holiday Party, A Souful Holiday Celebration Salute to Edna Lewis, Private Home, Pacific Palisades Members only
02/09/2008 “L.A.’s Beat Generation Coffeehouses, Clubs and Bars” Domenic Priore and Brian Chidester
01/12/2008 Charles Perry 2008 Lecture – “How LA Invented the Backyard Barbecue”


12/09/2007 12th annual December Holiday Party TBA postponed to 2/17/08 because of rain
11/13/2007 Tour to the Ritz Carleton, Pasadena Members only with Ricki de Kramer
11/10/2007 From Entremets to Sotelties: The Orchestration of the Meal Darra Goldstein
10/21/2007 Fairfax district tour and lunch at Canters Members only with Lynn Kronzek
10/13/2007 When SoCal Went Ag: Past and Present Stories of Farming and Farmers’ Markets in So Cal Amelia Saltsman,Molly Iwamoto Gean, Laura Avery
09/12/2007 Ngoma African Restaurant dinner Members only
09/08/2007 Fish on Friday: Feasting, Fasting and the Discovery of the New World Brian Fagan
08/26/2007 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
07/15/2007 Annual Summer Picnic: An Old California Bull’s Head Breakfast at Adobe de Palomares, Pomona Members only
06/09/2007 Ten Historical Events that have Shaped what Americans Eat Today Andrew F. Smith
05/26/2007 So Cal Restaurant Society: A Salute to Cafeterias (at Cliftons’s) Charles Perry
05/21/2007 Rustic Italian Dinner at Il Moro Members only
05/12/2007 Liquid Jade: The Story of Tea from East to West Beatrice Hohenegger
04/14/2007 Report from the Oxford Symposium 2006 Topic, “Eggs” Charles Perry and Dan Strehl
03/11/2007 Sunday Supper with Sandy Oliver at Angeli Caffe Members only
03/10/2007 Beyond Baked Beans: New Englanders and Their Food Sandra L Oliver
02/12/2007 Whale & Ale dinner, San Pedro Members only with Marc and Richard
02/10/2007 News from the Hampton Court Palace Kitchens Marc Meltonville and Richard Fitch
01/13/2007 Charles Perry 2007 Lecture – “The Wild Old Westside Beach Town Restaurants 1880-1940”


12/10/2006 11th Annual Holiday Party-“A Scandinavian Smorgasbord”, Kitchen Academy, Hollywood Members only
11/18/2006 Hollywood catering, book research and other stories Akasha Richmond
10/14/2006 My Life in France, all about Julia Child from Julia’s biographer and great nephew-in-law Alex Prud’homme
10/03/2006 In the Grand Manner-Tastes of the Gilded Age, Pasadena Museum of History
09/09/2006 Edible Gold and Silver Through the Ages-In Pasadena at All Saints Church Lynn Neuberg
08/06/2006 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
07/15/2006 Annual Summer Picnic- “Rancho Gilmore Fiesta” at the Gilmore Adobe, Farmers Market Members only
06/10/2006 Lunch at Empress Pavilion Restaurant Members only
06/10/2006 History of Chinese Food in L.A. Carl Chu, Lisa See, Michael Woo and Sonia Mak
05/13/2006 La Bonne Cuisine de Madame E. Saint-Ange: The Original Companion for French Home Cooking Paul Aratow
04/22/2006 Bus Tour McDonalds, Riverside. Etc.organized by Chris Nichols Members only
04/08/2006 California Pioneer Cuisine: Every Recipe Tells a Story Elizabeth Cox
03/11/2006 200 Years of Santa Monica Food Charles Perry
02/11/2006 History and Lore of Olive Oil Carol Firenze
02/05/2006 A Food Historians’ Workshop: Reading Cookbooks as Sources for the Study of Social History Barbara Ketcham Wheaton
01/14/2006 Charles Perry 2006 Lecture – “When L.A. Was America’s Wine Country”


12/11/2005 10th Annual Holiday Party-Julia Child Holiday Celebration, Raleigh Studios, Manhattan Beach Members only
11/19/2005 Culinary Bus Tour of the Ritz-Carleton Huntington kitchens, E. Waldo Ward, Grabers’ Olives Members only
11/12/2005 Then and Now: Thai Food in Los Angeles Jet Tila
10/15/2005 The Renaisance and the Modern: The Art of Eating Well in Italy Luigi Ballerini
09/12/2005 Dinner at Nonya restaurant, Pasadena Members only
09/10/2005 Malaysian Cooking, Including Nonya cuisine Carol Selvah Rajah
08/07/2005 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
07/17/2005 Annual Summer Picnic-Beard at the Beach-Portugese Bend Beach Club, RPV Members only
06/11/2005 Flavors of Greece Tom Apostol and Akrevoe Emmouliades
05/14/2005 Vanilla:It’s Amazing History and it’s Exotic Uses Patricia Rain
04/09/2005 History of Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee and Tea Jerry Baldwin
03/19/2005 Drinking Beer in a Blissful Mood: Alcohol Recipes and Feasting in the Ancient World Justin M Jennings
03/07/2005 Dan Strehl’s Retirement Party at El Cholo Members only
02/26/2005 Mildred Pierce: The Suffering Pie Queen as Restaurateur (Alex Theatre, Glendale) Charles Perry
02/12/2005 From Our Valentine, See’s: A Sweet Success Since 1921 Jody Scott
01/29/2005 Reconstructing the Kitchens of Hampton Court Palace: Experimenting with a Tudor Kitchen Marc Meltonville and Richard Fitch
01/12/2005 Tam O’Shanter dinner with Charles Perry Members only
01/08/2005 Charles Perry 2005 Lecture – “Bluebird Cafeteria and Pink Rat Café:LA Dining in the 1920’s”


12/12/2004 9th Annual Holiday Party-50’s Brunch, Private home, Northridge Members only
11/13/2004 A look at LAPL’s Ibero-Mexican Culinary Collection Dan Strehl
10/14/2004 Anne Willan and Mark Cherniavsky “A Feast of Words” Special Evening Event
10/09/2004 Tastes of America: What Are We Eating? What Are We Drinking? Andrew F. Smith
09/11/2004 Ain’t Sunkist Sweet? The CA Fruit Growers Exchange, The CA Dream, and the Shaping of American Tastes 1912-80,Vincent Moses
08/22/2004 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
07/11/2004 Annual Summer Picnic-Fiesta del Molino Viejo- The Old Mill, San Marino Members only
06/12/2004 Lost Arts Lynn Alley
05/08/2004 Mezcal Mystique Ron Cooper
05/08/2004 Lunch at El Paseo restaurant, 11 Olvera Street and Del Maguey mezcal tasting Members only
04/17/2004 Escoffier: The Man, The Legacy Bert Sonnenfield
03/13/2004 St. Joseph’s Table and Feeding the Poor in Los Angeles Luisa Del Giudice
02/14/2004 Sugar and Vice: From Columbus to Vassar Fudge Linda Civitello
01/12/2004 Taylor’s Steakhouse dinner Members onlywith Charles Perry
01/10/2004 Charles Perry 2004 Lecture – “L.A.’s Steakhouses: History and Survival”


12/14/2003 8th Holiday Party-Dreaming of a Winter Wonderland…in Sunny So Ca, Elysian Park Members only
11/08/2003 The Sophie Cubbison Story Leo Pearlstein
10/14/2003 Wonders of Hungarian Cuisine-Hortobagy Restaurant, Studio City Susanna and Joanna Erdos, event chairs
10/11/2003 A Personal History of Sausage in America Bruce Aidells
09/20/2003 A Celebration of Herbs and Cookbook Treasures of the Huntington Romaine Ahlstrom, Shirley Kerins
08/17/2003 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
07/13/2003 Summer Picnic: An Afternoon Garden Party at the Gamble House, Pasadena Members only
06/14/2003 A Century of Soy in the U.S.A. Akasha Richmond
05/10/2003 Black Rice: The African Origins of Rice Cultivation in the Americas Judith Carney
04/12/2003 A Bowl and a Basket- Picnics under the Stars Carol Merrill-Mirsky
04/02/2003 Flavor of India Restaurant-Telegu New Year Celebration Members only
03/08/2003 Henri Soule: The Forgotten Man of the American Restaurant Patric Kuh
03/08/2003 Tour of Natural History’s Chocolate exhibit, lunch at Margarita Jones Members only
02/08/2003 Chocolate through the Ages Jan Gasco, W. Warner Wood,Robert Small
01/11/2003 Charles Perry 2003 Lecture – “Food and The Times: A Century of Calif. Cuisine as recorded by the LA Times”


12/14/2002 Christmas-The Baker’s Holiday Susanne Dunaway, Paul Shrade, Sherry Yard
12/02/2002 No Holiday Party this year
11/10/2002 Authentic 19th Century three course meal at Salvatori Room, Music Center Barbara Wheaton, Carrie Tillie
11/09/2002 The French Country Kitchen and Table in the Early 19th Century Barbara Wheaton
10/12/2002 General planning meeting
09/14/2002 Flexing Abs and Mussels Justin Malan, David McHone, Mark Caywood
08/18/2002 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
07/13/2002 Summer Picnic:A Hawaiian Luau Picnic Members only
06/15/2002 Homage to the Maize God: Ancient and Modern Maya Food Gene Anderson
06/08/2002 Field Trip to Santa Barbara Wineries, inc. lunch and dinner Don Corbett, organizer
05/11/2002 Santa Barbara County Terroir: A History of Wines & Vines Norman Beko and Ardison Phillips
04/23/2002 Lawry’s Restaurant, La Cienega, Barbara Haber: From Hardtack to Homefries Members only
04/13/2002 Parmigiano-Reggiano Nancy Radke
03/09/2002 Researching Culinary History Russ Parsons, Myra Appel, Dan Strehl
02/12/2002 Tommy Tang’s Restaurant, West Hollywood: Dinner, Thai Food Lecture Members only
02/09/2002 The Evolution of the California Coffee Shop Architecture Chris Nichols and John English
01/12/2002 Charles Perry 2002 Lecture – “Partying like it’s 1399: Adventures in 14th Century Cooking”


12/09/2001 7th Holiday Party:Hollywood Film Food Theme, Raleigh Studios Members only
11/16/2001 Tour of Bullocks Wilshire Tea Room Members only
11/10/2001 Cracking the Coconut Su-Mei Yu
10/13/2001 Slow Food Movement Evan Kleiman
09/08/2001 The Fork and Civilization Albert Sonnenfeld
08/12/2001 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
07/08/2001 Summer Potluck: Uplifter’s Prohibition Picnic, Uplifter’s Ranch Clubhouse, SM Members only with Randy Young
06/02/2001 Helen Evans Brown and Her Books Janet Jarvits
05/12/2001 Edible Flowers Rosalind Creasy
04/21/2001 Memories of an Italian Kitchen Vincent Schiavelli
03/13/2001 Dining Out at the Bombay Café, West Los Angeles Members only with Neela Paniz
03/10/2001 Beyond the Moguls: India’s Changing Food Mosaic Julie Sahni
03/09/2001 Secrets from a Brahmin Kitchen-cooking class Members only with Julie Sahni
02/10/2001 The World of Jewish Food Faye Levy and Judy Zeidler
01/13/2001 Charles Perry 2001 Lecture – “Tiki Food”


12/10/2000 6th Holiday Party: Une Fete Francaise Traditionnelle at the Marina City Club, MDR Members only
11/04/2000 Slippery as a Wet Noodle: Macaroni Clifford A Wright
10/07/2000 Mocha: Legacy of the Coffee Trade in Yemen Nancy Um, Timothy Castle
09/16/2000 Fig Heaven David Karp
08/20/2000 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
07/15/2000 Summer Picnic: A Toast to the Coast, Malibu Estate Winery, Malibu with George Rosenthal (Members only)
06/10/2000 Lawry’s Restaurants: Van de Kamps Bakery, Lawry’s, Tam O’ Shanter Richard N. Frank
05/15/2000 Authentic Flavors of Oaxaca at Guelaguetza Restaurant in West Los Angeles Members only
05/13/2000 Corn: A Gift from the Gods Toni Sobel
04/08/2000 Meals on Reels: Celebrating Food in Film Doris Weisberg
04/07/2000 The Edible Monument exhibit at the Getty Research Center, West Los Angeles Marcia Reed
02/05/2000 America’s Favorite Foods Nancy Zaslavsky, Victor & Mary Lau Valle
01/08/2000 Charles Perry 2000 Lecture – “The Little Medieval Manuscript That Grew: a new look at Arab Cuisine”


12/12/1999 5th Holiday Party: Renaissance Themed Holiday Party, Private home, Pasadena Members only
11/06/1999 Cooking, the state of the Art: a conversation with Marcella Hazan Marcella Hazan
10/16/1999 Arnenia in California: a changing cuisine Magda Harout, Khatchig Kradjianm and Sylva Natalie Manoogian
09/11/1999 Tamale as Metaphor:traditional Latin dishes in modern society John Rivera Sedlar
08/15/1999 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
07/11/1999 Hooray for Hollywood 4th annual Picnic-Hollywood Bowl Cottage Members only
06/16/1999 Evening in Ethiopia at the Abyssinia Restaurant, Los Angeles Members only
06/05/1999 Mediterranean Grains and Greens Paula Wolfert
05/08/1999 Remembering Chasen’s: Film and Conversation Doris Weisberg, Raymond Bilool
04/10/1999 Transcontinental Class: The Harvey Girls Tame the West Barbara Haber
03/13/1999 From a Moroccan Kitchen: A historical taste of the Kasbah Kitty Morse
02/13/1999 Recipes as Resistance-In Memory’s Kitchen Cara De Silva
01/09/1999 Mongolians and the Silk Road Dr. E.N. Anderson


12/12/1998 4th Holiday Party: Italian Themed Holiday Party-Italian Consulate in Westwood Members only with Dr. Luigi Ballerini
11/21/1998 Citrus through time and space-the sweet and sour of it! Ottillia Bier
10/17/1998 Betty Crocker’s Polka Dot Kitchen, Art Gallery, Old Pasadena Ann Ayres, Sally Elesby
09/13/1998 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
09/12/1998 You say TOMATO: I say TOMAAHTO! Gary Ibsen
07/11/1998 Summer Potluck The Pic-A-State Picnic-Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro Members only
06/06/1998 May I Take Your Order? American Menu Design Jim Heimann
05/09/1998 Getting Used to Foreign Food: A Spanish Doctor in Mexico 1570-1577 Simon Varey
04/18/1998 Ringside at the Revolution: History of “California Cuisine” Rose Dosti, Steve Knight,and Kristine Kidd
03/14/1998 The Quintessential Trader Joe Joe Coulombe
02/14/1998 Sweets for the Sweet-The Romance of Candy Carole Bloom, Marilyn Beaudry Corbett, Gary Guittard, Laurie Ochoa, Carol Klingenber, John Scharffenberger
01/10/1998 Totally Nuts! Nut Industry leaders


12/13/1997 3rd Holiday Party: Mexican Fiesta Holiday Party at La Casita Del Arroyo, Pasadena Members only
11/09/1997 Jumbles & Gems: A look at California’s first cookbooks Dan Strehl
10/19/1997 The Foods of Puglia: Traditional Recipes from Italy’s Boot Nancy Harmon Jenkins
10/11/1997 Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the first cookbooks in California Charles Perry, Nancy Zaslavsky, Dan Strehl and Russ Parsons
09/13/1997 Cooking for a Cause: Publishing charitable cookbooks Amy Lamb, Lois Petrovich, Helen Hayes, and Joan Nielsen
08/17/1997 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
07/12/1997 A Summer Bastille Day Picnic,The Barbra Streisand Center,Malibu Jean Francois Meteigner, Ken Frank and Michael Roberts
06/14/1997 What’s the Beef: at La Luna Negra Restaurant in Pasadena Mike Bennett, Ron Smith, and Peter Dills
05/10/1997 Hooked on Tuna: Another California First Dr. James Joseph, August Felando, Steve Edney
04/05/1997 Eating, Drinking & Entertaining in the Early Republic Joe Carlin
03/15/1997 Are the Stars in tonight? Celebrities’ Chefs share their secrets Meeshell Block, Paul Canzano, Margaret Ferrazzi, Raphael Gamon, Lisa Gates, Lulu Powers, Christian Paier and Harry Schwartz
02/08/1997 Flappers and Frigidaires: Calif. Food trends of the twenties Charles Perry
01/11/1997 Catching up with Ketchup and Tomatoes Andrew F. Smith


12/14/1996 2nd Holiday Party: Charles Dickens Victorian Holiday Celebration,Peg Rahn’s, Pasadena Members only with Diana Armstrong
11/09/1996 Contemporary Wine-Making in Southern California Dan Galleano, Bruno D’Alfonso, Alex Villacana and George Rosenthal
10/12/1996 Prohibition in the Wine Country Charles Perry
09/14/1996 The Beginnings of Wine-making in S. Calif.:the Mission Era Dr. Thomas Pinney
08/25/1996 Used Cookbook sale at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
07/13/1996 The 1986 Fannie Farmer Picnic at The Will Rogers State Park Members only with Marion Cunningham
06/15/1996 Glamour, Gossip & Gourmets: Legendary Restaurants of Hollywood Betty Goodwin,Jim Heimann, Greg Williams, Mark Willens and Sally Wright Cobb
05/11/1996 Coffee, Java & Joe Tim Castle, Norman Kolpas and Martin Diedrich
04/21/1996 California Native American Indian Foodways Sindi Alzitre and Jan Timbrook
03/09/1996 Authentic Mexican, Then and Now Nancy Zaslavsky with Victor and Mary Lau Valle
02/24/1996 Edible Baroque: Making Mexican Bread and Culture Alicia Gonzalez (Smithsonian)
02/18/1996 The Cook Not Mad: 200 years of American Cookbooks Janice Bluestein Longone
01/13/1996 Making the Most of L.A.’s Diverse Marketplace Karen Berk, Linda Burum and Roger Hayot


12/09/1995 1st Annual Holiday Party: A Scholarly Potluck at the Brewery, Downtown LA Members only
11/11/1995 Taming the Eggplant in Ninth Century Bagdad Charles Perry